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Undergraduate Program

The REEES major offers a very wide variety of subjects, approaches, classes, professors and experiences. From the great classics of Russian literature to the operations of the current Russian mafia, from gypsy music and culture of the Balkans to the history of Stalin’s gulag, from nomadic art of Central Asia to contemporary Russian cinema, the REEES major is a gateway to a whole world of knowledge and experience.

The peoples who live in Eastern Europe, Russia, on the northern steppes of Central Asia, and across Siberia to the Pacific Ocean span a vast territory that includes half the earth’s time zones and include a complex mosaic of cultures. Over the centuries, these lands have come under the sway of many of the great world-historical civilizations and empires: the Byzantine, the Mongolian, the Ottoman Turkish, Holy Roman, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Soviet, and have felt the influence of Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Protestantism, and Judaism.

In the post-Soviet world, many of these areas are combining their traditional national and ethnic heritage with the drama of modernization and globalization, making them among the most interesting and dynamic areas on the globe.

Besides being able to choose from many thought-provoking courses, REEES majors have many opportunities to participate in interesting activities such as the Russian Club (famed for its costume parties and delicious food) and the yearly Russian play, open to all interested students who want to participate in the lively, entertaining stage performances that also offer plenty of opportunity to learn about stagecraft.


Interested in finding out more about the major?
Check out the information on this website, come by our office at 175 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall (PLC), or contact:

Julie Hessler (541-346-4857,

Katya Hokanson (541-346-3947,

Jenifer Presto (541-346-4065,


Click here to download a document on Student Learning Outcomes for the REEES major and minor.