Russian Language

Russian is a fascinating language of global and regional importance.

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At the University of Oregon, we offer four years of Russian language study, as well as specialized courses such as RUSS 309: Russian through Theater. Our advanced language courses are fun and engaging and focus on learning Russian through film and television, reading print media, and other methods. Lara Ravitch is our Russian Language Coordinator, and she is responsible for administering the Russian language program.

Russian language study begins in sequence each fall, and beginning students should start with Russian 101. Students who have some experience with Russian or who are heritage speakers should make arrangements to take a WebCAPE placement test in Russian with the UO Testing Center, the cost of which is $10.00. Upon receiving the results of the test, students should make arrangements to meet with Lara Ravitch at Native speakers of Russian are not eligible for lower-level language classes but may take language classes at the 400 level, about which they should also consult with Lara Ravitch.

Learn with the UO Community

The language program is bolstered by our Russian Club, which puts on parties and events throughout the year. The program also participates in the annual Foreign Language and International Studies (FLIS) Day hosted by the Yamada Language Center, which introduces prospective undergraduate students to the many possibilities of studying a language at the University. Yamada also offers a venue for the study of less commonly taught languages, as well as resources for the study of Russian and other languages taught at the University. 

Supplement Your Russian Learning

If you have already begun your study of Russian and would like some additional resources to improve your knowledge of the language, you can also consult the Self-Study Russian Online Supplementary Guide that UO Slavic Librarian Heghine Hakobyan has compiled in collaboration with our graduate students. The guide contains flashcards, phrasebooks, and other helpful materials.

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