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RUSSIAN Language Courses

First-Year Russian
RUSS 101, 102, 103 (sequence): Elementary Russian grammar, conversation, reading, and composition. (5 Credits each) 

Second-Year Russian 
RUSS 201, 202, 203 (sequence): Intermediate Russian grammar, reading, conversation, and composition. Study of representative literary works.  (5 Credits each)

Third-Year Russian 
RUSS 316, 217, 318 (sequence): Intermediate-to-advanced Russian. Further development of basic skills, with special attention to reading comprehension, conversational competence, grammatical accuracy, and cultural sophistication. (5 Credits each) 

Fourth-Year Russian 
RUSS 436. Advanced Russian (4 Credits) (repeatable): Analysis of Russian texts, films, and TV broadcasts about selected topics in Russian culture, literature, politics, and economics with practice in comprehension, conversation, and composition.  

Humanities Courses (Taught in English)

RUSS 204, 205, 206: Introduction to Russian Literature (4 Credits each) Survey of Russian literature from its origins to the present; emphasis on Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, and contemporary works. 

RUSS 240. Russian Culture (4 Credits) Comparative aesthetics and development of art, film, architecture, music, and literature in the context of Russian intellectual history. 

RUSS 309. Russian through Theater (2-4 Credits) Combined elements of Russian language, literature, and culture learned through participation in a theater production. Credits vary with degree of involvement. Repeatable when different theater production is offered.

RUSS 331. Russian Short Story (4 Credits) Analysis of short stories by important 19th and 20th century Russian writers in the context of social political and literary development.

RUSS 334. Dostoevsky (4 Credits) Introduction to the novels and short stories of Dostoevsky. His literary, ethical, and political development. 

RUSS 335. Tolstoy (4 Credits) Examines short and long works by Leo Tolstoy, focusing on ethical questions and Tolstoy's literary art. 

RUSS 351. Russian Literature and Film (4 Credits) Introduction to great works of 19th-century Russian literature and analysis of the cinematic adaptation of these works by Western filmmakers.

RUSS 426. Classics of Russian Poetry (4 Credits) Comprehensive study of selected topics in Russian poetry (e.g., Alexander Pushkin, Russian symbolism, acmeism, futurism, and contemporary poetry).

RUSS 434. Russian Literature. (4 Credits) A comprehensive study of selected topics in Russian literature, (e.g., 20th-century, contemporary, and Old Russian literature). Repeatable twice when topic changes for a maximum of 12 credits.

RUSS 407 or 410. (4 Credits) Changing topics course. 

HUM 300. Themes in Humanities* (Tolstoy)

*Indicates that only some iterations of the course are appropriate to count toward the major or minor

Social Science Courses (Taught in English)

REEES courses typically count towards the Social Science Emphasis, along with the following courses offered in other departments:

History Courses

HIST 245 Russia/America & the World

HIST 345 Early Russia

HIST 346 Imperial Russia

HIST 347 USSR & Contemporary Russia

HIST 407 Sem Russia Tsars/People

HIST 407 Sem WW I & Russian Revolutions

HIST 407 Sem Stalinism

HIST 407 Sem Postwar USSR

HIST 407 Sem USSR at War

HIST 415 Top Russian & American

HIST 415 Top Energy & Politics*

HIST 428 Top East Europe in 20th Century

HIST 444 Top Holocaust*

HIST 445 Top Russia & Democracy

HIST 446 Top Soviet Union WWII

HIST 445 Tsar & Imperial Russia

HIST 446 Top Soviet Pop Culture

HIST 446 Top Stalinism

HIST 446 Top USSR Arts & Ideas

HIST 451 Top Cold War  

Anthropology Courses

ANTH 199: Gypsies/Roma Others/Selves

ANTH 315 Gender, Folklore, Inequality*

ANTH 429 Jewish Folklore & Ethnicity

ANTH 430 Balkan Society & Folklore

Geography Courses

GEOG 204 Geog of Russia and its Neighbors

GEOG 441 Political Geography

GEOG 443 Global Migration

GEOG 444 Cultural Geography

GEOG 445 Culture, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

International Studies Courses

INTL 465 Global Reproductive Health

INTL 410 Development and Conflict*

Judaic Studies Courses

JDST 213 The Jewish Encounter with Modernity

Political Science Courses

PS 399 Sp St Russian Politics

PS 433 Marx & Radical Thought

PS 455 Theories of International Politics

PS 475 Politics of the European Union

Religious Studies Courses

REL 324 History of Eastern Christianity

REL 325 History of Eastern Christianity

*Indicates that only some iterations of the course are appropriate to count toward the major or minor


 Russian Language Courses | Humanities Courses | Social Science Courses