In response to the coronavirus, REEES faculty, staff, and graduate employees are working remotely. We can be contacted via email, and will respond to your questions as soon as is feasible. For a list of our email addresses, please consult our Directory.

Why Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies? 

Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (REEES) is one of the oldest programs of its kind on the West Coast. We offer an array of courses in Russian language, literature, and culture, as well as in the history, religion, and politics of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia. 

At the core of our program is the study of Russian—a fascinating language of global and regional importance. 


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Undergraduate Programs

Our highly flexible program allows you to major or minor in REEES with a concentration in the humanities or the social sciences. You can easily combine a REEES major or minor with a major in another discipline. You can opt to do some of your coursework abroad. You can also get involved in Russian club and a host of other activities. With such rich and varied experiences, it’s not surprising that our graduates have been so successful!

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Graduate Programs

REEES has an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree, as well as a Graduate Certificate. Our two-year M.A. program can be tailored to your interests and enables you to work on a thesis of your own design. Unlike most M.A. programs, we can offer funding to a limited number of qualified applicants. Many of our graduates have been accepted to top-notch Ph.D. programs, while others have found satisfying employment in a wide variety of fields. 

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Study Abroad

Interested in going abroad? You can study in St. Petersburg, the former Russian capital and the Venice of the north. Or you might study in Riga, Latvia, a thriving Baltic city with a sizable Russian community and a rich Jewish legacy. If you’d like to take up Czech, consider studying in the charming city of Prague, with its ancient castle and Art Nouveau architecture.

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Your Future Career 

What awaits you after REEES? A degree in REEES—and proficiency in Russian—prepares you for a wide range of careers—from journalism to business, education, law, foreign service, and the arts. As our alumni profiles attest, REEES is your passport to a fulfilling career!

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Faculty Research

Our faculty members hail from multiple disciplines. What unites our research is a commitment to studying Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia in a global context. Some of our recent projects include Russian-East Asian literary interactions, the Soviet Union’s cultural influence on the Third World, and imperial Russia’s environmental impact on the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about our wide-ranging research interests, peruse our faculty profiles.     

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