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University of Oregon

Russian Theatre

University of Oregon Instructor, writer and playwright, Dr. Julia Nemirovskaya, a talented dramatist, regularly stages bilingual Russian-English plays that she adapts or writes herself. Students take RUSS 309/609, “Russian Through Theater,” and Professor Nemirovskaya guides them through learning their lines, creating costumes, lighting the stage and creating sound effects, culminating in a gala night of performance attended by hundreds of theater-goers. Some of her plays have also been performed at Oregon State University. Dr. Nemirovskaya’s plays have included “Adams and Eves,” (2002), “The Minor,” (2003), “Az, buki, vedi or Russian for the Princess,” (2004), and “Our Charming Dr. Seuss and Our Harming Mr. Kharms” (2004), “Scarlet Flower” (2005), and “Anya in Wonderland” (2007), “Pnin” (2008), “Suicide, A Russian Comedy” (2010), “Ruslan and Lyudmila” (2011), and Balaganchik,” (2013), based on Blok’s Symbolist play.

Please also visit the UO Russian Theater Website for more information.