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University of Oregon

Minor Requirements

The minor in REEES requires 28 graded credits; courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better. Credits used to fulfill the language requirement may not be applied to the 28-credit requirement.

  1. Language. Three years of college study or equivalent competency in languages of the region. The language requirement is ordinarily fulfilled through three years of one Slavic language (ordinarily Russian), but students may petition to substitute one year of another Slavic language for one year of the first Slavic language.
  2. Field of concentration. Three 4-credit, upper-division courses in one of the concentrations listed below. At least one must be a 400-level course.
  3. Research. A research paper written in conjunction with one of the upper-division courses or as a separate reading and conference course in the field of concentration. In most cases, a paper written for a 400-level RUSS or REES course can be used to satisfy the requirement.
  4. Electives. Sixteen credits of course work, of which 12 credits (typically three 4-credit courses) must be upper-division. Up to four credits of elective work may be taken in the concentration, but may not be used to satisfy both the concentration requirement and the elective requirement.


Russian literature

Russian & East European history

Slavic linguistics

Contemporary Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia

Click here to download a checklist of requirements for the REES minor.